Ultimate 6 Figure Social Media Marketing Bundle

This is for you if...

  • You struggle with Content Creation, that speaks to your community (Your Ideal Client/Customer)
  • You are not sure how to effectively use the different platforms to market your business. 
  • You are spending way too much time marketing your business on social media.
  • You lack engagement, leads & sales using social media.
  • You are giving it your all on social media, creating and sharing the best content, going live and getting nothing in return.

What You Get...

  • This is a 90-Day System, but you could see results in as little as 7 Days. 
  • Welcome & Intro Guide (8-Pages)
  • 90-Day Visibility Game Plan (13-Pages)
  • The Ultimate Content Planning Day (8-Pages)
  • 30-Day Social Media Content Planner (12-Pages)
  • 14-Days of Social Media Content Ideas (14-Pages)
  • Instagram Reels & Stories Planner (4-Pages)
  • TikTok Planner (2-Pages)
  • Pinterest Planner (3-Pages)
  • 1-90min Marketing Strategy Sessions with me.

What Will Happen When You Get This...

  • You will see an increase in your engagement
  • You will see an increase in your reach
  • You will start being able to use your lead magnets or lead generation system to build your list and ultimately start getting sales
  • You will gain the best thing ever TIME FREEDOM

End the Social Media Marketing Struggle and start creating Meaningful, Relatable, and Purposeful content NOW!!  You are one click away from More Engagement, More Leads, More Sales & More Time Freedom with...

Your 6 Figure Social Media Marketing Bundle

It's Only $45 

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9 Modules

Welcome & Intro

Hey there.  This welcome PDF & Video will walk you through what is inside of your Ultimate 6 Figure Social Media Marketing Bundle, and what to expect.  

90 Day Visibility Game Plan (13-Pages)

Get your game face on and plan your Social Media Marketing like a BOSS!

The Ultimate Content Planning Day (8-Pages)

Pick a day, any day to plan your social media content the right way. 

30 Day Social Media Content Planner (12-Pages)

Now that you planned your social media marketing content day, it's time to plan out your next 30 days. 

14 Days of Social Media Content Ideas (14-Pages)

The struggle is over when I share 14 content ideas with you.  

Instagram Reels & Stories Planner (4-Pages)

Instagram Reels & Stories are huge, and you don't want to miss out on all of the great visibility it can bring to your business.  I got you covered with this planner. 

Tik Tok Planner (2-Pages)

If you are on Tik Tok, this planner is just what you need to start posting with purpose. 

Pinterest Planner (3-Pages)

Pinterest is popular and you can be popular on the fun platform too.  Use this planner to create the perfect post.  

FREE Strategic Social Media Marketing Calendar

BONUS!!  365 Days of content planning ideas that you can use year after year after year. 

Modules for this product 9

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